Be Prepared To Stop W3-4 - 48in Non-Reflective Roll Up Sign

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  • Meets MUTCD requirements
  • Solid Non-Reflective Vinyl
  • Fiberglass ribs, or cross bracing, feature a protective veil to prevent blooming and painful splinters.
  • Hook and loop strap for storage.

9 Reasons To Switch From Mesh To Non-Reflective Vinyl Signs.
1. Mesh is technically not legal, as it does not meet the current definition of
fluorescent orange.
2. Non-Reflective Vinyl is a brighter orange color and more visible to the motorist.
3. Mesh does NOT stay up in the wind better. The holes are too small to allow the wind to
penetrate. Non-Reflective Vinyl offloadsthe wind better. Mesh material has a larger rough
surface area and the wind creates a drag on it.
4. Mesh fades much faster than the more UV stable Non-Reflective Vinyl.
5. Mesh may be less safe. It allows the light to pass through the small openings in the
weave making it more difficult for road users to read the legend.
6. Mesh costs more. Not only is mesh more per sign than the newer material but since it
lasts for a shorter period, you need to buy it more often. More purchasing costs, more
freight, etc.
7. Non-Reflective Vinyl material cleans easier due to its' smooth surface in comparison to
the mesh rough porous surface.
8. If you have an in-house sign shop, you can order a “border only” sign and apply die cut
adhesive legends on Non-Reflective Vinyl.
9. Mesh is becoming less and less common, which means the raw materials will continue
to go up in price at a higher rate than the other materials. With this diminishing
purchase-sales volumes, at some point,we will discontinue it.

There are no features to the mesh that are better than the Non-Reflective Vinyl.

Non-Reflective Vinyl is the best choice hands down.

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