Z-Spray LTS Stand-On Spreader Sprayer

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Our innovative and compact Z-Spray LTS Stand-On Spreader Sprayer model will take your application program to the next level, boosting productivity and providing unmatched ease of operation. This high-quality piece of turf equipment offers unmatched performance for its size and maneuverability due to our advanced lean-to-steer technology. Have confidence in the Z-Spray LTS to endure season after season, with durable ceramic air induction nozzles that provide low drift application even in windy conditions. Our high-grade corrosive-resistant stainless steel chassis further increases the longevity of your investment. You can also count on the 9.5 HP* Kohler engine to keep you moving at speeds up to 5.5 MPH.

Spread and spray widths are easy to adjust for the precise application of liquid and granular materials. Choose between a narrow spray of up to 5ft or a wide spray of up to 11ft. The spray system features nozzles that can shut off immediately, giving you the control to apply the correct chemicals to the turf. With a 1.85-gallon fuel tank and a 20-gallon tank for materials, the LTS keeps you riding longer in-between fill-ups. This nimble turf equipment presents a gate width of just 36'', allowing landscape professionals and do-it-yourselfers to tackle any project, big or small.

When you need one machine to handle any job efficiently, the Z-Spray LTS is tough to beat.

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